Sightings of: Moor hen chicks and their mother, as well as new nests with eggs
·15 Egyptian goslings with their parents feeding
·The goliath heron has chosen its same breeding place to nest this year. This particluar spot has been its favourite over the past 7 years, and we are waiting in anticipation to see chicks as they have just laid eggs.
·The Kingfishers are back! Usually only the Giant, Brown-hooded, and Pied are visible during winter on the River and around Addo, and now we are starting to see more of the Malachite, Pygmy, Mangrove, and Half-collared.
·Two beautiful Maccoa ducks
·Dab chicks were spotted frolicking in the water
·We have finally found the source of all that laughing, which is synonymous with the call of the Red Billed Wood Hoopoe. We Found a pair in their nest in a tree trunk with their little one.
·Legawane found eating a Red Bishop Bird on the river bank on a rock right next to us. Very Gruesome.