Stu Cooper, who is an avid blogger, is on a fantastic journey around South Africa exploring all the best kept secrets. His Blog is called Going Homeless, and you can have a look at his full blog with all his experiences on the following link below:

[icon_link style=”globe” color=”black” href=”Stu Coopers Blog- Going Homeless- Addo Experience” target=”_blank”][/icon_link] Going Homeless

While on his stay in Addo, he joined us for our Addo River Safari, and very kindly had the following to say about his experience:

[blockquote align=”center”]As per usual I had assumed that Addo and the surrounding areas were all about the national park, I assumed incorrectly, Daniel connected me with Chris and Terri of Crisscross Adventures, who kindly offered me a canoe trip down the Sundays River, I jumped at the opportunity. The river came alive with Chris’s sharp eye and local knowledge which resulted in numerous fantastic bird sightings, most notably a half collared King Fisher , a Goliath Heron and a number of lizards which I never would have spotted. I highly recommend this day trip, it’s a nice change from the usual and if you are into bird life you can’t really afford to miss it. CrissCross Adventures also offer Safari Tours to the Addo National Park and the local knowledge that Chris and Terri offer, shed light on more than just the birds and wildlife but a truly beautiful area rich with history.[/blockquote]