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Addo Bird Watching

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Addo Elephant National Park Tours are offering bird watching guests wonderful rewarding sightings of a large list of Birds Of Prey with common sightings of: Jackal Buzzards Black Shouldered Kites Secretary Birds Pale Chanting Goshawks Crisscross Adventures specialise in Photographic Tours, always making sure that you are in the right place for the best shot! Book one of the below Addo Bird Watching tours with us to chance sighting of some fantastic Feathered Creatures: [icon_link style="globe" color="gray"]Addo Elephant National Park Tour[/icon_link] [icon_link style="globe" color="gray"]Addo River Safari[/icon_link]    

Goliath Heron vs Fish Eagle

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Fish Eagle Sighted attacking a male Goliath Heron 15metres in front of the canoes, coming around the rivers bend, birds where unaware of our approach, as the Goliath Heron Saw us coming, it took off, 4m into the air, the Fish Eagle came out of nowhere and Smacked right into the Heron ,both birds went crashing back into the reeds and water, Spectacular sighting. All you could see where Wings, Feathers, Beaks and Talons everywhere.